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  • Nature of Business – The portal, India Economy & Business Analysis, is a subscription based digital content portal analysing current developments in economy and business.
  • Legal Name of Business – Ashish Kumar Agrawal (Proprietor – India Economy & Business Portal)
  • The membership is applicable for single user only.
  • The portal is designed to help readers gain insights on current economic affairs. While the data are taken from credible sources, it doesn’t guarantee the complete accuracy of all the information.
  • It is not a news site and is aimed to help readers build some understanding of key developments.
  • The content of the portal is created by the owner and is protected by copyrights law.
  • The articles also involve the opinion of the author. Reader has the right to have a view different from the author.
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  • The content is in read only mode and readers cannot print, download or share the content.
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  • The topic chosen for articles is the prerogative of the author.
  • The portal is updated periodically based on the importance and relevance of economic and business developments.


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