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Welcome to India Economy & Business Analysis portal, the content library on current economy, business & international affairs with a repository of almost 500 articles. The portal has been founded by an IIT-IIM alumnus with over two decades of industry & research experience. The portal was selected in the first round of startup contest, “Smart fifty”, sponsored by the Government of India and is subscribed by the library of IIT Roorkee.

The portal helps readers develop a perspective on current economic and business issues and would be a great learning resource for youngsters, especially students of management, finance and economics. The simplified manner of explanation, in the words of the Director of a management institute, is like “story telling”. A reader, an Arts graduate, said, “A layman like me found it easy to understand” which is one of the USP of the site.

The portal provides not just value for money but more importantly,  value for your time. It would also give you the confidence to face any job interview and evolve as more responsible professionals. To check some sample articles, please click here

If you have an interest in these issues, give this a try. And if you don’t find it useful, please write back within 15 days. we shall refund the amount.

Happy Learning!

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